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Delivering IA services to support Service Cyber missions is a highly-specialized and complex undertaking that must integrate people, policy, process, and technology.   Our approach relies upon sound, consistent, repeatable, and high-quality IA services delivery, which is essential to protecting critical networks and systems.   Over the last 10 years, X Technologies has supported the Services by providing program support, systems engineering, software engineering, operations and maintenance, and subject matter expertise in application of Type 1 crypto, electronic key management, public key enabling and cyber security. 


Our support to the DoD includes:

  • Advisory and Assistance Services in support of several Crypto Modernization programs

  • Software Upgrades and Modifications in support of the Air Force’s Data Management Device (DMD) Power Station,

  • Design, Development, Test, Installation, and Training of an AF standard depot test system (Versatile Depot Automatic  Test Station – VDATS) to replace the legacy KG-207 high speed test system,

  • Obsolescence/Diminishing Manufacturing Sources (DMS) engineering study on the EKMS Key Processor (KOK-22A), and

  • Engineering and Customer service support to the AF Public Key Infrastructure (AF PKI) program office.


Experienced – X Technologies Core Staff has over 90 years of experience supporting Key Management   Communications Security and Information Assurance Activities for the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

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