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Automated Test Systems

Automated Test System Development

With a strong reputation in the development of automatic test systems, X Technologies is confident in its ability to provide our customers with world-class, cost effective, tailored solutions.  Our comprehensive open software and hardware designs enable the creation of versatile, scalable, multi-vendor solutions.  Our software engineers possess the expertise to develop custom software test programs resulting in reusable, modular test programs resulting in reusable, modular test programs that are easily configured to meet new requirements.  X Technologies successfully designed and manufactured a VDATS variant for the USAF Cryptologic Technical Repair Center.

Major TPS Programs:

  • USAF Crypto VDATS Migration

  • USN Turbo Prop Test Instrument

  • USAF Starter Motor Test Set

TPS Software Architectures:

  • NI LabWindows CVI

  • TestStand

  • NI LabVIEW


X Technologies is a small business leader in the area of TPS design, development and integration.

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